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Our strategy

With our carefully planned clinical strategy and current private and public funding support, we are pursuing the development of our ShigETEC vaccine candidate both for the traveller’s diarrhoea market and as a low-cost solution for LMIC.  After completing a successful Phase 1a clinical trial performed in Hungary, we are planning both a Phase 1b study in Bangladesh and an efficacy Phase 2 study in the US (human challenge).

Given that there is currently no Shigella/ETEC vaccine available on the market, the traveller’s market for an orally available vaccine is large and growing on a year-by-year basis, with blockbuster potential and an estimated value of > €1B at peak.

In addition to this significant and growing market, we are committed to developing ShigETEC for the endemic market as a cost effective and easily available drinkable vaccine. 

ShigETEC would provide a solution to the problems of diarrhoeal disease that affects hundreds of millions of children in LMICs and adversely affect tens of millions of people who travel or are stationed in areas with high rates of Shigella and ETEC diseases.

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