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Eszter Nagy, MD, PhD

Co-Founder, President and chair of the Board.

Founder and CEO CEBINA GmbH, Co-founder and CEO Calyxha Biotechnologies GmbH, Co-Founder and CEO/CSO Algonist Biotechnologies, Former Co-founder and CSO, Arsanis Inc. (now X4, NASDAQ listed) and SVP of Research, Intercell AG (now Valneva SAS)

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Gábor Nagy, MD, PhD 

Co-founder, scientific advisor

Head of Technology Evaluation and Preclinical Studies CEBINA GmbH. 

Former Head of Microbiology and In vivo Models Arsanis Inc, Group Leader at Intercell AG


Alexander von Gabain, PhD

Board member, advisor

Co-founder and CEO/CSO of Intercell AG.

Former Chairman of European Institute of Technology (EIT), Dep.

Vice-Chancellor of Innov & Comm Outreach, Karolinksa Institute.


Jacques-Francois Martin, MBA 

Board member, advisor

Former President and CEO of The Vaccine Fund. 

GAVI Board member and CEO of Pasteur-Mérieux


Jeffrey Almond, PhD

Board member, advisor 

Former VP of Global Research and External R&D at Sanofi Pasteur 
Visiting Professor at University of Oxford

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