Smarter vaccines

Eveliqure announces the publication of key preclinical data of its clinical stage vaccine candidate against Shigellosis and ETEC

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Eveliqure announces the award of a NIAID contract to finance Phase 2 clinical studies of its combined Shigella and ETEC vaccine candidate

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About Eveliqure

Eveliqure Biotechnologies is an innovative biotech company developing novel vaccines for the prevention of diarrhoeal diseases both for travellers and people living in endemic regions of low- and middle-income countries.

Eveliqure has developed a novel vaccine technology platform based on a live attenuated vaccine strain of the bacterium Shigella, engineered to induce broad protection against infection caused by different species and serotypes of this pathogen.  In addition, Eveliqure has introduced the expression of non-shigella derived antigens into the strain to achieve protection against multiple pathogens. ShigETEC, is the first-generation vaccine candidate that targets Shigella and enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC), two of the major pathogens causing diarrhoea.

The name Eveliqure (pronounced 'ever-li-cure') combines the name 'Endovelicus', the Celtic god of public health, with the word 'liquid' referring to a drinkable vaccine.