We provide efficacious vaccines to reduce the high burden of diarrheal diseases among travelers and make it an affordable prophylaxis to young children living in resource poor countries

The medical problem

Each year millions of children are hospitalized and approximately 1.5 million die from severe, dehydrating diarrhea and dysentery in low-resource countries. ETEC and Shigella, the two leading bacterial causes of diarrhea account for about 50% of the 2.2 billion cases annually.

Travelers' diarrhea (TD) is the most common illness affecting travelers and military personnel deployed to endemic countries.

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Our technology

The proprietary EveliQure vaccine technology platform is based on a live attenuated Shigella vaccine strain able to induce broad protection against shigellosis due to targeted genetic mutations.The platform is amenable for the heterologous expression of diarrheal antigens and therefore can provide protective immunity against multiple pathogens.

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Investment opportunity

Global demand for a vaccine is estimated to reach approximately 118 million doses per year, with revenues peaking around $600 million in 12 years after launch.

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